Class of 1936

Hold the mouse pointer over a picture for a moment to display the name of the person in the photograph. If the person has given us additional information, the mouse pointer will change to a hand and you can click on the picture to display the additional information. Interspersed amongst the senior pictures are links to other miscellaneous pictures from the yearbook.

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  School building at night (789x467 - 137 kB)
 Notes: p1, p2, p4, p5, p6a, p6b, p7, p8, p10, p11
 Senior Notes: p12, p13, p14, p15, p16, p17a, p17b
  Junior Class
  Sophomore Class
  Freshman Class
  Eighth Grade Class
  Seventh Grade Class
 Notes: p22, p23, p28, p29, p44, p45
  Sixth Grade Class
  Fifth Grade Class
  Fourth Grade Class
  Third Grade Class
  Second Grade Class
  First Grade Class
  Bus Drivers
  Safety Patrol System
  Operetta Cast
  Cheer Leaders (755x348 - 87 kB)
  Girls Basketball Team
  Boys Basketball Team
  High Spots of 1936 (p 54-59)
  Seen Around ... p. 62, p. 63
  Misc. Notes p. 57-75
Thanks to Charlotte Turner Armstrong
for providing a copy of
the 1936 Cedarscope yearbook
so we could scan these photographs.