Class of 1961

Hold the mouse pointer over a picture for a moment to display the name of the person in the photograph. If the person has given us additional information, the mouse pointer will change to a hand and you can click on the picture to display the additional information. Interspersed amongst the senior pictures are links to other miscellaneous pictures from the yearbook.

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  Graduating Men (870x528 - 141 kB)
  Class Officers (557x535 - 84 kB)
  Varsity "C" Club (743x540 - 158 kB)
  BB Champs (306x587 - 52 kB)
  Varsity Basketball Team (784x535 - 149 kB)
  Reserve Basketball Team (787x489 - 108 kB)
  Varsity Football Team (926x403 - 178 kB)
  Junior High FB Team (834x357 - 159 kB)
  Varsity Cheerleaders (771x522 - 141 kB)
  Reserve Cheerleaders (682x546 - 115 kB)
  Prom Check Girls (625x406 - 69 kB)