Class of 1966

Hold the mouse pointer over a picture for a moment to display the name of the person in the photograph. If the person has given us additional information, the mouse pointer will change to a hand and you can click on the picture to display the additional information. Interspersed amongst the senior pictures are links to other miscellaneous pictures from the yearbook.

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  Varsity Cheerleaders (815x421 - 105 kB)
  Varsity Basketball (790x414 - 130 kB)
  Track and Baseball (808x881 - 212 kB)
  Varsity "C" Club (925x480 - 159 kB)
  Future Teachers of America (940x412 - 206 kB)
  Cedarscope Staff (931x531 - 161 kB)
  Yearbook Staff (885x494 - 155 kB)
  Library Club (913x503 - 163 kB)
  National Honor Society (927x345 - 106 kB)
  Pep Club (927x446 - 134 kB)
  GAA (889x475 - 157 kB)
  FFA Queen (265x307 - 30 kB)
  Homecoming Queen (970x552 - 148 kB)
  Variety Show (1042x294 - 92 kB)
  Stage Band (927x405 - 153 kB)
Picture not available
Mrs. Edna Moore
Thanks to Rosie Bittner Keihl for providing
a copy of the 1966 Warrior yearbook
so we could scan these photographs.